Bereavement: a book of memories

Everyone has a story and we carry treasured memories through the years, taking great pleasure in sharing them others; childish pranks at school, our first crush, times and people past. Many of us are fortunate in having a life that is enriched with birthdays, anniversaries, family occasions and people who pass in and out of our lives as the years go by.

At Treasured Memory Books we have spoken to many people who are experiencing the loss of a loved one and yet feel a need to celebrate a life they have taken great comfort in knowing.

A book full of photos and unforgettable moments, is the perfect way to keep memories alive, not just for those who treasure them today, but to cherish in the future.

Helping Children to Grieve

Children who experience a major loss may grieve differently to adults. A parent or sibling’s death can be particularly difficult for small children.

Limited understanding of the situation and confusion about the changes they see taking place around them can put, especially very young children, at a special disadvantage.

Of course, the need to cope with a child’s grief can often create added strain on an already vulnerable and bereaved parent and all of these factors can lead to a disruptive home for everyone who is directly affected by the loss.

A Treasured Memory book can be written in a way a child will understand; creating an opening for them to talk about their loved one and help them work through their feelings and remember the happy times, which are so important.

We all have different needs in life and every one of us grieves in a way that is personal to us. However, universally, we all feel comforted when we look back on the happy times we have shared.

There are many websites that cover bereavement and offer ways in which to help people cope with the immediate devastation of loss. The NHS has a page dedicated to bereavement, covering the stages of grief.

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